Cpl Kingsley ; *

21 Years Young.
New York City Girl.
Very Athletic.
Call of Duty FEEN.
CPL in the Marine Corps. :)

My blog is random, but expect alot of Military, Bruno Mars, and Harry Potter spam. :)

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Female Marine Answers Questions about Boot Camp Pt. 2 (UPDATE) (by carnellbooinline)

hey subscribers! i just updated with a new video answering all your questions this time! i hope i got to answer everyones but if i haven’t just leave your questions in the comments, thanks!

be sure to “Like” the video and share it with anyone!

You can also follow my tumblr and ask my questions on there. and also my instagram!





Semper Fi.

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My RSS Staten Island. i wouldnt be a Marine without these people!!

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PT today with me, LCPL and the poolees… :D
damn my legs look nice, lol

PT today with me, LCPL and the poolees… :D

damn my legs look nice, lol

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uploading my new video for my youtube vlog…


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Just came home from my “date” with that poolee i was talking about…

it was alright, hes cute & all. we went to go see a movie, alvin and the chipmunks because i wanted to see it. he kept complaining about how the movie was too childish. and he kept trying to “cuddle” with me lol. he is too aggressive. he treats me like his bros. i mean i like gettin treated like one of the guys but when u take it too far it gets annoying. 

then we went to go grab a bite at taco bell because, i wanted tacos lol. he kept tryna cuddle and kiss me which kinda turned me off but i was saying to myself

then we looked around for a store that sold address books that we could use for boot, since we both are leaving for boot camp on the same day tomorrow.

"you know what? todays your last day in new york city, u might as well stop holding back and have fun." so i kissed him. and his eyes lit up. im like wow lol whatever.

so after that he kept trying to kiss me & shit, i did so. cuz im tryna have fun! i wont be able to kiss another guy for the next 3 months, nahh’mean?

but i did have a good time. i see him tomorrow when we both ship out to boot.

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a poolee at MEPS last night asked me on a “date”…

well, i think its a date. we were just up all night talking (to kill time) and he asked what id like to do fun etc…then he asked if i was gonna do anything this weekend. he said

if you’re not doing anything new years eve, you can catch a movie, or go out to eat. if u want me to take you that would be cool too

i honestly didnt know what to say bcuz i was soooooo sleepy LOL so i THINK i said yes? im not even sure? and its not like hes gonna make me drink or smoke anything (i dont do either anyway, yuck!) cuz we both leaving for boot on monday. so i feel if i go, ill be safe from not being around bad shit. i dnt have his # but i have his facebook. so maybe he will ask me again tonight or tomorow? lol. i guess if im not doing anything, i’ll go.

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omg! im sooooo proud of myself! i told myself to AT LEAST beat or get close to my old 1.5 mile run time of 10:58. i did my final IST today and i got 11:03 !! thats some badass shit!!

and also, my contract finally says ill be meritoriously promoted PFC! fuck yeah! i earned that shit with the years of JROTC i did!

so now this is my LAST week as a civilian! im not gonna go out and do some crazy shit because its new years (even tho i dont smoke and drink anyway) but ima just chill at home and stay safe! i want to spend as much time with my family as i can. ima miss them so much.

so my last post will be on monday, i have to be at the hotel at 1400 (2pm) and i have to find my own transportation there sadly. =/ but it worth it!

and thank you ALL OF MY TUMBLR FOLLOWERS for following through my journey on becoming a UNITED STATES MARINE. i will NOT let you guys down. failure is NOT an option!



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Just left the hotel, On my way back to MEPS to take my final inspect & IST. wish me LUCK!

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Packing my bag early for MEPS on thursday. Ready to go!…6 more days until boot camp.

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Last night was my last PT Pool Function :( Boot camp coming sooo fast…